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  • Protection of investments by the state
  • Legal status of FEZ regulated by the law
  •  Possibility to transfer the profit abroad
  •  Preferential regime for the stimulation of economic activity
  •  Guarantee of persistence of legislation for 10 years
  •  Free circulation of products (services) within the FEZ
  •  Possibility to transfer the goods
  •  Preferential customs regime
  •  Preferential customs duty rates

Information about JSC «USBA»

Information about JSC «USBA»

Construction Materials Manufacturing Plant –
resident of “Cahul” sub-zone of «BALTI» Free Economic Zone

The “Cahul” sub-zone has been created based on the Construction Materials Manufacturing Plant - JSC «USBA» on 20th November 2015 as part of the «BALTI» Free Economic Zone based on the law no. 203 for the period ending on 23rd March 2035. The sub-zone is located at the distance of 10 km from border with Romania and Ukraine. The total area of enterprise is 16,68 ha (the territory plan is attached) and has the status of “Cahul” sub-zone of the «BALTI» Free Economic Zone. It is located in the outskirts of Cahul in the direction of Giurgiulesti port. The territory is surrounded by a capital fence. The territory, as well as the buildings, structures and engineering infrastructure are in satisfactory condition. The entire territory belongs to the said enterprise and is divided into four parcels (four cadaster numbers – 7,1; 4,11; 2,5 and 2,95 ha).

The main type of activity of JSC «USBA» as a resident of “Cahul” sub-zone of the «BALTI» Free Economic Zone is the lease-out of the said real estate objects belonging to the enterprise based on the right of property (premises and land parcels):

- administrative building: total length 31 m, width 19 m, height 13 m (4 storey building with cellar (cellar area 595 square meters;
- main production hall: 4 sections (distance between support pillars is 18 m), overall length 193 m, width 73 m and height 12 m;
- storage facility: overall length 145 m, width 18 m and height 12 m;
- three main production buildings with following dimensions: 96х18х11m (L. х W. х H.), 72х24х11m and 57х8х8 m (the production unit for small cell concrete blocks has not been finalized and commissioned);
- auxiliary services (rooms): overall length 73 m, width 18 m and height 7,5 m;
- unfinished building: overall length 36 m, width 30 m and height 11m.
The territory is provided with complete engineering infrastructure, featuring to middle pressure natural gas entry points (without any consumption limits). The regional electric substation is located at the distance of 100 m from the enterprise. It is connected by two 10kV cables.
The enterprise is connected to the water supply, sewerage and storm water evacuation networks. The area of unbuilt territory is around 5 ha.

Also the enterprise has a sand quarry (5 km from production hall, area 7,12 ha).
The financial-economic condition of enterprise is satisfactory.

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