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  • Protection of investments by the state
  • Legal status of FEZ regulated by the law
  •  Possibility to transfer the profit abroad
  •  Preferential regime for the stimulation of economic activity
  •  Guarantee of persistence of legislation for 10 years
  •  Free circulation of products (services) within the FEZ
  •  Possibility to transfer the goods
  •  Preferential customs regime
  •  Preferential customs duty rates

• lease of rooms and land parcels at the much more attractive rates compared to the market;
• possibility to store the goods without any limitations as to the maximum or minimum amounts and without any custom duty liabilities;
• storage of goods at the storage facilities and sites;
• possibility to perform packaging, unpackaging, assembly, sorting, processing, etc.;
• manipulation of foreign goods (unloading, loading, transshipment);
• possibility to obtain higher income due to the difference between the transportation duties levied for the goods transported in bulk and re-exported from the zone after processing;
• possibility to organize permanent exhibition shops in the free economic zone for promoting the sales;
• possibility of collaboration, improvement, provision with equipment and common use, in order to recover the investments by the provision of zone management services.


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