Sub-zone “Cahul“

Additional Information

  • Protection of investments by the state
  • Legal status of FEZ regulated by the law
  •  Possibility to transfer the profit abroad
  •  Preferential regime for the stimulation of economic activity
  •  Guarantee of persistence of legislation for 10 years
  •  Free circulation of products (services) within the FEZ
  •  Possibility to transfer the goods
  •  Preferential customs regime
  •  Preferential customs duty rates

“Cahul” sub-zone of the Free Economic Zone «BALTI»

The “Cahul” sub-zone has been created by the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova (Law no. 203 of 20th November 2015) based on the Construction Materials Manufacturing Plant JSC «USBA» in the «BALTI» Free Economic Zone.
The area of the sub-zone of 16,68 ha (the location plan is attached) has the status of sub-zone “Cahul” of the «BALTI» free economic zone and is located at the outskirts of Cahul town in the direction of Giurgiulesti port, at the distance of 10 km from borders with Ukraine and Romania.

The advantages of the «Cahul» sub-zone include:

1. Availability of sufficient number of qualified work force (the population of Cahul is around 44 thousand).
2. Developed infrastructure.
3. Location in the immediate proximity of international automobile road Chisinau – Giurgiulesti - Odessa, International Airport Cahul and International Free Port Giurgiulesti;
4. The “Cahul” sub-zone is:

- a regional logistic center at the border with European Union, with access to automobile, railway, fluvial and sea transport;

- a perfect business development zone owing to its strategic location and availability of three-modal transportation infrastructure, preferential taxation and customs regime.

The following infrastructure is available in the “Cahul” sub-zone:

• National and international roads (R34; M15) in immediate proximity;

• International Airport Cahul at the distance of 10 km;

• International Free Port Giurgiulesti at the distance of 50 km;

• Odessa International Port at the distance of 300 km;

• High voltage overhead line;

• Medium pressure gas trunk main;

• Potable water supply system;

• Sewerage system;

• Fiber-optic network for Internet access and telephony.

Advantages for residents (economic agents) of “Cahul” sub-zone as part of «BALTI» Free Economic Zone:

1. Protection of investments by the state.
2. Legal status of FEZ regulated by the law.
3. Possibility to transfer the obtained profit abroad.
4. Preferential regime for the stimulation of economic activity.
5. Guarantee of preservation of legal provisions for the next 10 years from the moment of registration as a FEZ resident.
6. Free circulation of products (services) within the FEZ.
7. Possibility to deliver products (services) from one resident to another within the FEZ based on a bill of lading without producing customs declaration.
8. Preferential customs regime (the customs office is located in the FEZ and operates 24 hours a day, 6 days a week).
9. Preferential customs duties.

Cahul town

Cahul is the biggest district center in the south of Moldova hosting numerous industrial enterprises, objects of culture, commercial centers, residential areas, transportation routes. The town has a dairy factory, a bakery, a winery, the light industry is also well-developed.
Most of the population are bilingual and are Romanian and Russian language speakers at communication level.
The Cahul town has around 50 institutions of education, including 2 institutions of higher education, 2 colleges, 5 professional technical schools, several schools and lyceums.


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